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K-15 & Pawnee Flea Market

Officially opened on July 16th, 2017 and currently have around 45 vendors, some of which have multiple booths. Our flea market has a great group of vendors, a friendly atmosphere and well lit interior. The vendors sell anything from jewelry, new clothes, new shoes, handbags, Avon, belts, rugs, cell phones, video games, soccer balls, jerseys, sports cards, comic books, toys, signs, hookahs, antiques, incense and so much more.

For eight years, my Wife and I were vendors at the Village Flea Market. When the announcement to close the Village Flea Market was made we felt we had to do something, not only for ourselves but the other vendors that would need a new place to build their business. We started looking and found this location and began asking the other vendors if they would like to go with us.

To us, each vendor is family and each customer is a valued friend.